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“Great kayaking, great guide, thanks Adventure Keeda! Awesome trip, we will be back” 

Brigadier's Cottage @ Mussorie

The Brigadiers Cottage – Your Boutique Homestay - is located at a five minutes’ walk from the famous Kempty falls and the Kempty bazaar , The cottage is completely surrounded in a thick wooded area ,surrounded with a well landscaped garden , The deodars and the gurgling sound of the Kempty river flowing below .

Each of the rooms and suites overlook the valley and you get up in the morning to the chirping of the birds and gurgling sound of the brook flowing nearby, those with religious inclinations, can take to meditation and yoga in the temple located within the estate, listening to soft Indian ragas playing in the background as you take in your dose of unpolluted, clean, fresh and crisp mountain air.

The Gazebo on the terrace offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges and the forests, the windows allowing for the sunlight to filter in while you cosy up for the day besides your own personal sigri.

The barbecue and bon fire areas allow for one to sit by the fire under the starry sky to grill the food of your choice while you spend your time mulling over your drink with family and friends.


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