Fly Like A Bird – Paragliding in Kullu – Single


Tour Highlights

  • A 7 minutes to 10 minutes Life Thrilling Activity at an elevation of 2040m (6700ft).
  • With tandem paragliding, one can achieve a maximum height of 2500m (8000ft).
  • Safety Tips
  • 1. Carry appropriate footwear and thermal gear before paragliding. Reflective sunglasses are also recommended.
  • 2. Some launch sites may require a hike, so be prepared.
  • 3. There is a 110 kg limit per person (including bags) to be allowed to paragliding.
  • 4. Children below 12 years of age are not allowed to participate.
  • 5. Paragliding is an adventure sport, so it is essential to be aware of all inherent risks it poses.
  • 6. people with heart and lung ailments, sinus issues, ear infections, motion sickness and pregnant women should avoid this sport.
  • 7. The sport is cancelled in case of adverse weather conditions. Consult with local weather authorities before planning a trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does paragliding cost in Dhobhi?
A Best And Safest paragliding experience in Kullu starts from Rs 2,500. If you have booked with adveturekeeda.com, the cost includes transportation to the take-off site, and back from the landing site, cost of the GoPro video, flight insurance, and GST.
Where can I go paragliding in Kullu - Manali?
Kullu and Manali has multiple spots where one can experience tandem paragliding Like Solang Valley, Dhobhi Etc. The most popular and safe spot is Dobhi (near Naggar), 19Kms from the town of Manali and around 20Kms from Kullu city Towards Manali. Our Counter are at National Highway. No Need To Search.
What is the best time to paraglide in Kullu Manali?
The month of October to January is one of the best months to experience paragliding in Kullu Manali, with good sunshine, wind, and thermals to enhance the experience.
What is the height of paragliding in Dhobhi (Kullu Manali)?
The take-off site at Falayan Village is at an elevation of 2040m (6700ft), and the landing site is located at an altitude of 1400m (4600ft). With tandem paragliding, one can achieve a maximum height of 2500m (8000ft).
How long before do I Need to book my paragliding Activity?
Bookings at adventurekeeda.com open all year around till one day prior of activity. You should book your tandem paragliding experience at least one day in advance. However, we recommend booking three days in advance so we can match the best pilot and equipment to suit your physical profile.

In the case of festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, etc, we recommend booking at least 7 days in advance.
Do I have to pay extra for GoPro video with paragliding With You?
No. All paragliding flights booked with adventurekeeda.com include the GoPro, weather you choose to carry the GoPro or not. If You Don't Need GoPro Video Then We can Allow some Discount Too. But Without GoPro you will miss everything.

Experience always should captured for whole Life.
What happens if the weather is bad and I cannot go paragliding?
In the case when the weather is playing a spoil sport and you cannot go paragliding, you’re offered free rescheduling. In the case, you cannot go paragliding on the rescheduled date, you are offered full refund.

But If You Don't Want to Do Activity by any your own reason then there is No Refund as we have scheduled everything for you for that particular day or time.
transportation to the take-off area included?
Yes, transportation from the meet-up point in Dobhi at our Counter to the take-off site, and back from the landing site to the meet-up point is included in your paragliding package.
What should I wear when I go paragliding?
Wear comfortable clothes; something that gives you the freedom to move around… There is quite an elevation gain between the pickup point/landing and the take-off site, and it may get difficult to assess if you need extra layers. We advise all paragliders to wear a thermal/fleece/jumper in summers and wear a thick jacket with wind protection and gloves for winter flights. Wearing good running/hiking shoes is mandatory for all flights.
How much time do I need to allow for the whole tandem paragliding experience?
Once you arrive at the meet-up location in Dobhi, allow for at least 2 hours for the whole experience to complete. During peak season, there can be traffic jams on the highways and at the take-off site. Please account for unforeseen delays that may arise beyond anyone’s control.
How long does the actual flight take?
The actual flight time at Dobhi paraglidnig site varies from 7 minutes to 10 minutes, depending on the weather (flight) conditions on the given day.
Can I bring my camera or cell phone?
For your safety, we do not Recommend the use camera or cell phone during the flight. All valuables, including your camera, wallet, phone must be safely stowed in the harness. Please consult your pilot for best storage options before your flight. Neither your pilot, nor Adventurekeeda.com can be held responsible for any loss of personal items or valuables.
How safe is paragliding in Manali?
Like any adventure activity, paragliding comes with certain risks. However, we at adventurekeeda.com take every precaution to minimize the risks involved by following the best practices. Please trust us and your pilot to make the right decision.
Why do I need a safety reserve parachute while paragliding in Manali?
A reserve parachute can be a lifeline in an extremely rare scenario where the glider has malfunctioned. In such a scenario, your pilot is trained to deploy the reserve which can parachute you to safety.
Am I covered by any insurance?
Yes, we’re pleased to inform you that all our paragliding flights are covered under paragliding insurance offered by our insurance provider ASC360. Please check their website for details on the coverage, terms and conditions of their policy.


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